What are the costs?​          

We pride ourselves on being efficient and very competitive in price. A good rule-of-thumb for the price of our homes is to take the anticipated square footage including porches and multiply by $175-200 per sq ft. ­This would not include the lot, landscaping or permitting costs. Pricing can vary greatly, and is highly dependent upon your selection and final design.

Architectural Experience and State of the Art Software

Jim Marriott, our architect, has extensive knowledge on architecture and his style seems timeless, regardless of the design requests he gets from his clients. He can add big or small elements of exterior character, and does this with a delicate balance that seems to work with everything. He does a great job of paralleling the vision you have, bringing it to life and adding something you may not have even thought of. It's truly a pleasure to work with him. We also use Chief Architect software to assist us in helping clients visualize their new home. It is the leading architectural home design software for 2D and 3D design. Chief Architect brings home design projects to life with realistic 3D rendering, building, design, and modeling tools. We can essentially design your home, show it to you in 3D, explore options and ideas, and you can walk through it virtually before you sign a build contract with us. 


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chris miller, owner/contractor

jim marriott, architect

lisa pellegrini, marketing & client relations manager

dave draeger,  construction project manager

dean meye, finish carpenter

oran lindsey, 3d cad drafter

sara hall, interior designer

julie radtke, bookkeeper

gabby bergeron, intern

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Experience & Subcontractors

Chris Miller, owner, and Jim Marriott, Architect, having been working together, building houses for over 15 years. They've assembled a team of contractors that knows the Miller Marriott standard, that also know each other, and work well together.